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In God's Shadow

                    RAINBOW TREE


Sale $12.99 (Reg. $19.95)
  Just when the world seems its gloomiest, the faith of a child casts hope among the long shadows of despair.

  Little Tilly is perplexed and saddened by the sudden decay and depression that overcame her once beautiful village. The people are no longer happy and loving. They seem to care only about the strange potion they get from the newcomer.

  But all is not lost! There may be hope yet for the village of Tango – and it may lie in the strange treasure that Tilly finds, a treasure that she shares with the entire village in a most unusual way. The Rainbow Tree is a fresh tale about the struggle between good and evil, and about the important discoveries that young people make about themselves and the beauty inside which makes each of them special. Journey with Tilly and the people of Tango as they learn the importance of believing in themselves and in each other.

                  BOBBY GOODHEART


Sale $12.99 (Reg. $19.95)
  Sometimes, keeping a buddy’s secret is the worst thing a friend can do.

  Bobby and Teddy, neighbors and best friends, shared many things --- comic books, walks to school, and a lot of trust. When Bobby discovered a terrifying secret about the way Teddy was being treated at home, he wanted to honor his promise to his friend and not tell anyone. But it just didn’t seem right, because the secret was causing Teddy a lot of pain.

  Bobby urged Teddy to ask for help from their very wise and caring teacher who taught them the difference between good and bad secrets. With her help the boys learned that love does not hurt, and that it is always important to be smart and tell the bad secrets.

  The Secret of Bobby Goodheart reached out to empower every child to be smart and tell all the secrets about abuse that any grownup may force them to keep.



Sale$12.99 (Reg. $19.95)
  Anngelica wakes up on her seventh birthday, joyfully anticipating the surprises her parents have in store for her. But her greatest gift of all turns out to be one she never expects. As she takes a birthday stroll along the beach, she finds the most beautiful thing she has ever seen. She never imagines that the real beauty of her rare treasure is things she cannot see.

  Join Anngelica as she learns the most precious lessons about life, and about herself, in a way she will never forget.

  The Seashell, weaves together mystery, vivid color, and enchantment to help instill in young people some of the crucial personal values that will carry them through life.
                    WITH ME


Sale $9.95 (Reg. $14.95)
  Earth’s fate and that of all the victims of greed and prejudice are recurring themes in this book of verse, The Sun Walks with Me: A Collection of Poems, by Anne Georges Telasco.

  The poem 'Rage" portrays God as responding with tears and retribution after seeing that "his children drank their tears for water." In "The Tragedy of Sight," the poet says, "As the eyes soak the shades of life / They see children with their guiltless hearts /Become familiar with the temperature of hell." In the work titled "Seeking," the poet says, "Tightly wrapped with dark veils of desire ' I seek and seek / For that which was always within me." The poem "Survival" finds growth in pain and oneness in compassion, and "The Magic Hands of Chance' is a lyrical poem of passion. The verse "Into Your Hands" commends the poet's soul into God's care, "So that restlessness will become a memory / And confusion a shadow." As for "The People without Grace," it reflects the plight of the Boat People in their homeland and in the land of freedom. Poems in which the joys and sorrows of love contend with puzzlement over God's nature.

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