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The following organizations provide relief to all people whenever and wherever relief is needed. Please support them. Any support provided, even if it is only $1(multiply by the millions of you who care and believe in the common bond which binds all of us as one without regards to our physical appearance or culture) is welcome and appreciated.

Your donations to these organizations will help them to Support the Earthquake Recovery Efforts in Haiti.

A Child's Tears

Can one see a child's sorrow

and not be in sorrow?

Can one see a child's grief

and not seek to give relief?

Can one see a child's misery

and not be filled with Pity?

Can one hear the woes a child bear

and not weep like a wounded prey?

No, never can it be

for a child's tears move stones to pity.

                   By Anne Georges Telasco


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In God's Shadow

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Thank you so very much for your support.

Anne G. Telasco

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