About us

Board of Directors

Anne G. Telasco - Chief Executive Officer

Hardhi E. Harris - Talent Development

Jerry Capers - Project Acquisition Specialist

Freel J. Telasco - Financial Officer

The Objective of God Shadow Entertainment is Rooted into the Profound Need to Communicate, Empower and Bring Awareness

Book publishing and filmmaking are powerful medium to successfully connect with people, address human issues and bring awareness. God Shadow Entertainment books and films will explore the resilience of the human spirit while it celebrates the knowledge that “God always takes care of his own.”

Divisions of God Shadow Entertainment

God Shadow consists of an adult and children division.

The first set of books and films from the children division comprises of 12 books from The Guardian Children Series. The purpose of these books is to promote and nurture the welfare of children and young adult through empowerment, encouragement, understanding, acceptance and respect for self and others.